1. Ex libris designs– elementary schools from 12 to 15

2. Original ex libris – elementary schools from 12 to 15

3. Original ex libris – art schools from 12 to 15

4. Ex libris designs and original ex libris for children from all types of school aged from 6 to 11

The  conditions for participation:

1. Create the final version of the draft in a black and white combination by Indian ink, so that it will be clear what graphic techniques it is proposed to. Drawings created by a pencil, pastel or shade drawings do not meet this requirement. Mässer plates are successful at creation of designs.

2. Use any of the graphic techniques like lino-engraving, lino-cut, wood-cut, wood-engraving, plastic-engraving, a dry needle, etching, engraving, imprint from cardboard , imprint from a template, etc. for your original ex libris in one or more colours.

3. The size of the contest works is not allowed to exceed 13 x 9 cm, and they must be placed in the middle of a white drawing paper of the size
21 x 15 cm (A5). The proposal can be created directly on white drawing paper, or you can cut it out from another background and glue it to the required drawing paper. It is necessary to print the original ex libris directly, another version cannot be assessed!

4. All contest works must include the text and picture parts. It is the designation of EX LIBRIS, EXLIBRIS, FROM BOOKS, BOOK, the name and surname of the owner or institution. You can use your name with an abbreviation (Jozef SOKOL, J.SOKOL). The professional jury will not assess works with  initials (e.g. A.K.,J.S., etc.), or nicknames – MIMI, FERI.

5. The picture part must have a direct relation to the topic of the contest. Go through the methodical instructions very carefully and follow them.

6. Each contestant is not allowed to send more than 2 contest works!

7. All contest works have to contain the full name of the author, his/her age, address of school or the sender at the back of the paper. It would be suitable to write also the author's gender. Bulk shipments must be accompanied by a list of contestants with all the required information. We also ask  for the name of the ex libris, so that we could check if you comply with the topic.

8. Use the Slovak language in your correspondence with organisers of the contest, foreign participants are required to communicate in English.

9. Registered contest works will remain in the possession of the organisers with the right to exhibit them and use them for promotional and other  purposes. The participants accept the conditions of the contest by sending their application. It is only possible to send the works to the contest EX LIBRIS HLOHOVEC that were not part of another contest or exhibition!

10. The deadline for sending the contest works is January 31, 2013  to the address : EX LIBRIS AD PERSONAM HLOHOVEC, Námestie sv. Michala 3, 920 01 Hlohovec, Slovakia. Please do not leave sending your contest works to last days, you will thus complicate the work of organisers.

11. The jury reserves the right not to award a prize if the contest works in a given category do not reach a satisfactory level. The best works of the 13th year of the contest will be exhibited at a separate exhibition, they will be included in travelling exhibitions or published. The works that do not comply with the specified criteria will be excluded from the assessment.

12. The ceremonial announcement of the results of the contest, awarding and other activities will be held on October 4, 2013 in Hlohovec as a part of  celebrations of the 900th anniversary of the first recommended mention of the town Hlohovec.The organisers will inform the participants on the details in a separate invitation. The results of the contest will be published in the official bulletin, on and in mass media. For more information call the number : 00 421 33 7424657, or send an e-mail to: Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovacími robotmi. Na jej zobrazenie potrebuješ mať nainštalovaný JavaScript.